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This division at Oxford Energy is mainly concerned with operational & strategic support for expanding companies in the energy sector.

Our substantial experience with young growing companies naturally led to this sector of activity – to grow young companies together with their teams to ensure a sustainable future.

One highlight in this segment is certainly the successful trade sale of enerbility software GmbH to the American software company Triple Point Technology achieved by Dr. Hummel and co-shareholders.

Current projects include a photovoltaic high-tech company to revolutionise sunlight conversion to increase efficiency and thereby significantly reduce costs in €/kWp. The company has already been awarded Austrian government grants and is in the phase of market entry.

Another project deals with market penetration of an American company that has developed a wireless electro magnetic field monitoring (EMF) system. These devices measure output of power plants and throughput of transmission lines real-time to gain power market insight and provide competitor benchmarking and optimisation of intraday trading positions for subscribers.

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