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The Company

Scope of Activity


Oxford Energy is a special project consultancy which focuses on the energy sector in a comprehensive way.

The core pillars of our EU-wide activity are

- Completion of strategic and operative projects with energy companies;

- Consultancy for medium-sized and larger companies with respect to their energy costs and their energy consumption and related emissions; and

- Accompanying of market entry of related innovative products and services of the energy- and environment sector both for energy companies as well as in the services and industrial area.

- Support of our customers to build power plant portfolios with a focus on renewable energy sources.

The secret of success


In addition to our approach in small, powerful teams of experts, our mission is above all to analyse and implement solutions to energy challenges overshadowed by political, economic and social interests.


Your success is our yardstick. Our personnel policy focused on experts, our hands-on problem-solving focus and last but not least our numerous reference projects are our pride and recommendation for a successful cooperation.

We are a strictly independent specialist company and work together with multinational clients as well as with regionally active SMEs. Last but not least, our setup and our cooperation options make us a valuable and yet flexible partner.

Our uniqueness is further underlined by our complete independence and our work in 3 segments covering the entire energy value chain.

Our Oxford Advisor programme is based on supporting and managing existing energy companies and maximising their energy-related potential.

Oxford Service has emerged as a separate segment from the multitude of projects with small and medium-sized consumers. These are energy services, such as the optimisation of energy supply contracts and consumption analyses.

With Oxford Growth we support innovative enterprises of the energy sector with the national and international market entrance by our know-how and network.

Within the Oxford Generation business field, we support our customers in building power plant portfolios with a focus on renewable energy sources.

We are proud on our past activity, look forward to future challenges and may not rank by chance the first-class names on our reference list among our project partners.

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