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We offer strategic and operative consultancy know how for energy suppliers. We have been focused on the energy sector from the beginning, within this sector we have done many projects along the complete energy sector value chain. E.g. for British Gas we have benchmarked power plant parks of numerous competitors worldwide on a plant level, we have also done projects with Shell, BP, E.ON, Nuon, BKW and many other energy companies.

This segment also comprises the support of energy industry companies in their negotiation and conflict resolution regarding larger energy contracts. We are also frequently involved in international arbitration proceedings in this segment.


Projects in this area are mostly highly confidential, delicate issues like longterm energy supply contract renegotiations, arbitration tribunals, normally in close cooperation with the clients’ law firm. Our input is related to energy-sector related issues, so-called “expert opinions”, mostly in a market-/cost-/pricing-/competition context.

Further topics in this regard relate to patenting conflicts, problem solutions within existing projects, analysis of operative problems including strategic HR-issues.

Two short project description should offer some orientation in this area:

1.) The Multinational Natural Gas Purchaser


In this project the adequacy of gas procurement has been analysed. This necessitated complete margin & value calculation from exploration to retail applications. Various different usage scenarios of natural gas have been associated with numerical evaluations. The results enabled the client to establish strategic renegotiation options of existing contracts.

This project necessitated comprehensive knowledge of energy regulatory laws in several countries, knowledge of gas exploration & production costs in a technical and commercial respect as well as evaluation of different usage scenarios of natural gas.



2.) The International Polyethylene- and Polypropylene Producer

The project was characterised by the lopsidedness of the existing supplier contracts at project start, that have been analysed together with the client and could be optimised in several negotiation rounds. The pre-project dominance of the supplier could be demonstrated and reduced by combination of legal, commercial and technical aspects.

Standard points of the supplier have been identified as such, a related national and European benchmarking analysis brought a number of negotiation trumps for the chemical production company.

A “Level Playing Field” could only be established by detailed knowledge of the consumption profile, validation of the price arguments from the supplier side and detailed analysis of complex price formulae.

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