In its 15+ year existance, Oxford Consult is achieving one project success after another, the sister company Oxford Energy relates to this tradition. Oxford Consult and Oxford Energy work mainly with multinational companies and are independent companies with comprehensive energy sector know how as their core competence.

Geographically, the focus has widened from originally GB and Scandinavia to continental Europe with CH, NL, D und A on the one hand, and the south-east European countries (IT, CR, SL, CZ, SLO, HR among others) on the other hand.

"Without the combined expertise of the Oxford team, we would not have been able to bring our arbitration proceedings to a successful conclusion."

Thorsten Jones, Overall Responsible Project Manager

The selected references of Oxford Consult and Oxford Energy are divided into the following customer groups: "Energy Companies", "Consumers", "Energy Sector Investment Houses", "National Governments, Authorities & Non-Profit Entities", "International Energy Sector Service- & Technology Companies".

Energy Companies


Energy Sector Investment Houses

National Governments, Authorities & Non-Profit Entities

International Energy Sector Service Providers & Technology Companies

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