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1.) Area Investments into Auto-Production & Energy Efficiency


A further area is the analysis of options for own energy production, both with renewable sources of energy (for example photovoltaics, wind power or biomass) and with fossile fuels (e.g. a gas-fired turbine). In this case, the relevant investment and amortisation calculations are of particular interest for the preparation of investment decisions, this will be combined with potential sales options for the produced energy. Additionally, we analyse and market energy efficiency investments for your in this area.

2.)  Area Energy Subsidies


Subsidies in the energy- and environment area not only related to renewable sources of energy, but also to financial assistance in the environmental sector (e.g. increase of energy efficiency). After analysis of the above area, a concrete overview of available funds can be given in this regard.

3.)  Area Tax Incentives


Energy concepts in various EU Member States for example deem an energy management system a necessary prerequisite for specific tax deductions.

After analysis of the preceding areas, a concrete overview of available incentives can be given in this regard, details can then be analysed by your tax advisor.

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