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Oxford Growth

This segment of Oxford Energy deals with hands-on corporate finance support of larger energy sector companies (with the related links The Investment Decision and The Financing Decision) and operative & strategic support of young energy sector companies.

Energy Sector Corporate Finance

This area of Oxford Growth covers our strictly independent support of transactions in which capital is raised in order to develop, grow or acquire energy (infrastructure) companies with their related assets. Oxford-Energy’s added value is the thorough understanding of both: financial markets and the nature of the assets. Clients can count on experience raising EUR 10 billion of debt in international capital markets and in dedicated Project Finance structures.

Some examples of our work in this field so far:

-       International financial benchmarking of numerous BG-Group power plant projects with 40 international  competitors

-       Financial analysis and benchmarking of 40 energy projects for a European major bank

-       Numerous renewable energy project calculations & management including EU-funding management

We always interpret capital investment decisions accompanied by necessary financial risk management, the process of measuring risk and the development and implementation strategies to manage (“hedge”) that risk. We see financial risk management related to corporate finance in two ways. Firstly, firm exposure to business and market risk is a direct result of previous investment and financing decisions. Secondly, both disciplines share the goal of enhancing, or preserving, firm value. This impact on corporate value can be due to adverse changes in commodity prices, interest rates, foreign exchange rates and stock prices. Consequently, understanding the nature of the asset and its financial footprint over its entire life cycle allows for the design of hedging strategies and the prudent use of derivatives.

The goal is clearly to establish stability for long-term financing of energy projects, including regulatory monitoring and stable pricing of financing risks (e.g. interest rates). Among others, appropriate project bundling can significantly reduce risk and thereby lower cost of debt. The areas to further analyse our work in this sector are The Investment Decision and The Financing Decision.

Energy Sector Young Companies

Our substantial experience in young growing companies naturally led to this sector of activity – to grow young companies together with their teams to ensure a sustainable future.

This dedicated focus also on early phases is a simple adoption of the fact that the team and the product are the most important ingredients of later success in the market. In an early stage, the team can be well complemented, the product can still be adapted before market expectations create a certain lock-in effect.

One highlight in this segment is certainly the successful trade sale of enerbility software GmbH to the American software company Triple Point Technology achieved by Dr. Hummel and co-shareholders.

Current projects include a photovoltaic high-tech company to revolutionise sunlight conversion to increase efficiency and thereby significantly reduce costs in €/kWp. The company has already been awarded Austrian government grants and is in the phase of market entry.

Another project deals with market penetration of an American company that has developed a wireless electro magnetic field monitoring (EMF) system. These devices measure output of power plants and throughput of transmission lines real-time to gain power market insight and provide competitor benchmarking and optimisation of intraday trading positions for subscribers.