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Oxford Attaché

The segment Oxford Attache primarily comprises the support of energy industry companies in their negotiation and conflict resolution regarding larger energy contracts. We are also frequently involved in international arbitration proceedings in this segment.

Projects in this area are mostly highly confidential, delicate issues like longterm energy supply contract renegotiations, arbritration tribunals, normally in close cooperation with the clients’ law firm. Our input is related to energy-sector related issues, so-called “expert opinions”, mostly in a market-/cost-/pricing-/competition context.

Further topics in this regard relate to patenting conflicts, problem solutions withing existing projects, analysis of operative problems including strategic HR-issues.

Our projects in this area are characterised by the following unique selling propositions:

- Specialisation in the energy sector for competent and successful realization of projects with complex legal, commercial and technical requirements

- Projects with task profiles including participation in supplier negotiation rounds and international arbitration courts substantially surpassing classical consulting projects

- Exclusive all-expert team with long-term energy industry experience

- Absolute independence and confidentiality assured