Prof. h.c. Dr. Ing. Michael Kouba

Oil/Gas & Renewables Project Manager

Dr. Kouba graduated from Vienna University of Economics and received the Prof. hc. from the public oil- and gas university of the Russian Federation in Ufa.

He has been active as managing director of an asset/plant construction company in the oil & gas sector in Central- and Eastern Europe as well as in the Arabic Region for nearly two decades. His tasks centered around industrial development, investment and marketing.

In the wake of the transformation porcess in GUS nations, Dr. Kouba has been advising the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and in this capacity he has administered over 300 industrial projects in the areas of manufacturing, conversion to civil industries and high tech developments in GUS member states.

Dr. Kouba is currently primarily active as project manager for plant construction in the oil & gas sector involving new technologies as well as in the area of renewables.

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