Package Sustainability & Public Relations

Beside cost saving and efficient legal compliance including the client workforce, the additional goal is here to create a sustainable and marketing-concious organisation. This engenders both introduction of energy management procedures and official ISO certifications to signal professionalism and determination internally and to all external parties (customers, suppliers, authorities, the public).

This package is clearly designed to optimise the gains from cost-efficient energy and environment management and to show this proudly to relevant third parties.

1. Area Strategic Corporate Goals Energy and Environment

Corporate goals represent a first important indicator for the further energy- and environment-related measures for energy efficiency. Such goals can also be taken into the packages “Cost Cutter” and “Cost and Compliance”, but they are a necessary must for companies targeting sustainable energy management.

Such corporate goals are also called “energy policy” and have to be produced by top management. The analysis will show how companies can meet the following requirements in this regard:

– Ongoing improvement of energetic performance and energy efficiency

– Procedures to keep the relevant respective information available

– Putting necessary personnel, technological and financial resources in place

– Obligation to stay within energy-related laws and other pieces of legislature

– Proof that the purchase of energy efficient-products and services is supported and energy-specific criteria are met in case of production planning and new build activities

2. Area EMAS, EN and ISO Certification

In order to manage the energy-specific company measures in a sustainable way, the client is offered support for certification proceedings. Beside ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN 16001, particularly ISO 50001 is of key focus in this regard. Beside preparation for first-time certification, also ongoing monitoring procedures including re-checks are offered for successful recertification. A crucial element of ISO 50001 is the mandatory introduction of an energy management system with the following characteristics:

After an Initial Review and more detailed analysis of energy data, major energy consumers and energy costs, suggestions for energy saving can be devised. These suggestions are then introduced and have to be monitored.

The energy management system is a central element in this regard, as it also pulls together energy goals, compliance matters, training of personnel and establishment of internal control mechanisms incl. correction and prevention measures and the management review.

3. Area Sustainability Report

Parallel to a sustainable management information system is the reporting and documentation in this regard. These sustainability reports take on the most important subjects for sustainability: economics, ecology and social management (Triple Bottom Line). Beside the annual report, a sustainability report is an important element of the information police of a company. It is at the same time an instrument for sustainable management and for marketing.