Mag. Lukas Julinek

Senior Financial Advisor

Mag. Julinek has studied business administration at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien and University of Surrey, UK.

Over a period of 11 years he served in Bank Austria in Austria and outside its home market. In the underwriting business, he led refinancing projects of Bank Austria on the Eurobond market and accompanied the introduction of the Länderbank AG share at Paris stock exchange. Subsequently, Mag. Julinek accompanied various privatisation projects of the Republic of Austria, such as the IPO for Voest Alpine Eisenbahnsysteme. He has also signed responsible in international project financing, managing energy and real estate projects over a period of four years in Europe and Far East. Mag. Julinek is also experienced in co-financing projects with the International Finance Corporation (World Bank), the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the EBRD. Eventually, he oversaw the restructuring of ailing Bank Austria loans.

In 1999, he accepted to lead the ‚Treasury and Financing Department’ of Autobahn und Schnellstraßen Finanzierung AG (ASFINAG). He signed responsible for a volume of €10 bn of international bank and bond debts in various currencies with a financial result of €400 mln. Mag. Julinek developed a risk management system for the cntroling of interest- and currency risk of ASFINAG, and a strategic controling model for sections of the Austrian motorway network. His model was taken as basis for the calculations of the first PPP-model for motorway construction in Austria (A5 Nord-Autobahn).

Recently, Mag. Julinek signed responsible for the marketing of a German consulting company specialised in banking and insurance advisory.

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