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Power Value Chain

Power Production

In the production segment, we have been analysing many different types of plants & plant parks. With fossil fuel fired plants, a special project focus has been on CHP plants with different project challenges. Projects on the renewable side included biomass-, water- and wind power plants. Analyses have always included technical, commercial & legal aspects.

Technical aspects include – among others – turbine analysis, efficiency, emissions, ideal output ratios of heat & power. Commercial aspects include investment cost analysis, maintenance cost analysis, pricing & revenue optimisation from heat & power production and many other aspects. Legal analysis includes – among others – national energy regime, regulatory power, competition issues and feed-in tariffs & terms.

Power Trading

We are both doing strategic & operative projects in this segment. Strategic projects include Risk & Return analysis as well as limit management, traded commodities & optimal trading support of physical production. On the operative side, we are co-operating with a number of software providers, both ETRM providers and electronic confirmation matching (ECM) providers.

Typical projects include initial analysis of existing workflow management in energy trading rooms. This is then followed by detailed concepts on both organisational optimisation & potential workflow automation. Depending on the specific focus & trading volume of the respective client company, suggestions are also translated into action directly by us whereever requested.

Power Transmission

This segment includes both commercial optimisation & regulatory issues. Commercial efficiency includes grid management & line capacity optimisation as well as analyses of specific connections of large consumers (eg industrial companies) within specific EU Member States. Regulatory issues include unbundling from other segments as well as chargeable costs & maintenance management.

Power Distribution

One ongoing question in this sector is the justification of specific chargeable distribution costs. On the one hand, management of unbundling of distribution costs from eg marketing costs is of high strategic significance for any integrated utility company. The regulatory bodies on the other hand are making use of more and more sophisticated tools to move utilities towards correct statement of different cost items.

Power Retail

The first question for any new would-be entrant in the power retail sector is the justification of high costs and late returns. Two strategies for new entrants have proved to be plausible, one is to acquire new production assets where possible close to targeted retail customers to be able to supply power at reasonable total cost. The second option is to buy oneself into the market by directly acquiring (shares of) retail incumbents. We did a number of market entry studies for European power majors for different EU target countries.