Energy Sector Young Companies

Support and operative management of young energy sector companies

Our substantial experience in young growing companies naturally led to the first sector of activity – to grow start-up companies together with their teams to ensure a sustainable future. We are convinced that the existing Venture Capital risk-return logic of “the more established – the less risky” and “the more high tech – the more return” does not hold as a general rule. A common sense re-evaluation of this logic is highly advisable:

From a risk perspective, an investment approach to not purely focus on high tech offers the immediate crucial advantage of the people involved to actually understand the product! It is therefore possible to have an educated opinion on likelihood of success! From a return perspective, yes, high-tech businesses normally grow faster but they also necessitate higher investment sums and carry higher risks.

Many existing investors claim to be active in this field, however, detailed evaluation time and again proves that they only reserve a tiny fraction of their investment volume and time for early stage companies.

Typical projects in this regard comprise the support of general company build up or the entry of an existing company into a new market, the analysis of financing alternatives including the production of realistic business and financial plans. Contacts in the energy sector frequently also make first product sales possible.

Furthermore, the experts of Oxford Energy also take on interim line management functions within these companies, from functional positions like head of sales or CFO to general management functions. Project management functions also fall into this category.