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This package comprises the following energy price & quantity reduction measures:

1.) Area Energy Price Reduction (through private or public tendering) and Grid Cost Optimisation


The first step in this regard is an as-is-analysis with existing energy supply contracts and the last monthly/annual invoices plus load profiles for bigger consumers. This enables a restricted tendering procedure with alternative suppliers. After a comparison including prices and terms, a ranking will be produced. This can then be used to achieve an improved contract with the existing supplier or to change supplier. At the customer's request, procurement can of course also be actively structured in this context with various products (e.g. full service contracts, delivery profiles with structuring, tranche and floater contracts, ...) and different maturities.

Part of this task – where appropriate – is also an examination of your current energy invoices to search for errors & inconsistencies.

2.) Area Organisational Measures


This area comprises the universe of measures of co-workers to save energy without additional investment. The range of these activities e.g. comprises sustainably efficient use of heating, light and electrical appliances. In the production hall, beside measures for efficient heating and lighting, possible actions for efficient production are analysed.

In this respect, both energy consumption and needed capacity shall be reduced as both are essential parts of energy invoices.

3.) Area Energy Savings Investments

This area comprises recommendations for easily manageable investments into consumption analysis and reduction devices for office- and manufacturing operations.

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