Dr. Gernot Hutter

Gas & Power Expert

Dr. Hutter studied Economics at Karl-Franzens University of Graz. After graduation he also embarked on a PhD on talc mining. This PhD was accompanied by an accounting & controlling position in the Luzenac Naintsch Mineralwerke GmbH.

As shareholder in gas-alive Energie und Dienstleistungen GmbH, he contributed to the build up of the first consultancy company for gas consuming industrial companies in Austria. After the sale of a majority stake of  gas-alive to Steirische Gas-Wärme GmbH (Energie Steiermark today), Dr. Hutter accepted a position in this entity to participate in a number of natural gas sales projects in Austria and on an international level.

Dr. Hutter has since established several additional energy sales- and -trading companies with a focus on natural gas and renewables and has also taken part in a number of real estate development projects.

At Oxford Energy, the focus of Dr. Hutter lies in energy cost consulting (gas & power) for SMEs and industrial companies.

Get in touch to discuss your business issues: e-mail gernot.hutter@oxford-energy.com