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This package comprises specific legal obligations in the energy and environment area for mid-sized to large companies (“Compliance”). The package enables companies to improve efficiency of their energy consumption and manage related legal matters efficiently. Apart from the management, the workforce of the company is involved in this package (in some cases on a legally mandatory basis) in order to make it successful in an ongoing way and to avoid a pure short term view.

In this respect, the client company is partly already fulfilling parts of EMAS, EN and ISO certifications and implements an important step towards a wholly efficient corporation.


1.) Area Legal Compliance (Energy and Environment)


The best way to be aware of all legal requirements a company has to fulfil, a compliance register, comprises all laws and other pieces of legislation that the respective client company has to fulfil and check regularly.

As energy consumption has significant economic effects, the EU and its Member States have designed a legal and regulatory framework to ensure a more efficient use of energy. It is also a major part of a well-functioning (energy) management system to follow these requirements.

2.) Area Energy Efficiency Regulation

According to current EU energy efficiency regulation, large and medium Member State corporations have to implement an energy management system in accordance with Euronorm (EN) 16001 / ISO 50001, get certified or at least carry out periodic external energy audits. They furthermore have to

  • report the introduction of an energy efficiency management system

  • or ascertain the performance of an external energy audit to the national energy efficiency monitoring organisation.

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